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December 30

Zoya and Barinya are 2 years old!!! Congratulations to both girls!

New pictures of Darja.

Kim, Birkhan and Bolshoi wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

December 9
International show in Genk, Belgium: Nawosh got Exc 1, CAC and CACIB and is now
The whole K-litter (the K3 girls) are Netherlands and International champion now!

November 25
Boya went to the Winner show in Amsterdam and received Exc, CAC/CACIB/BOB/Winster 2007.
The judge said about her: so young and already so beautiful!
Her report:
"18 months. Beautiful, excels in type, already good body. Beautiful head, eye, good pigmentation,
beautiful ears.
Sufficient angulation in front, good hind quarters, straight back.
Exc. carriage of tail. Exc. coat. It's a pleasure to see her move."

Planned litter, May 2008. For more information, go HERE

November 3
Volya went to the show in Metz (France) and she received her first CACIB.
We congratulate Jean-Marc and Mrs Denis with this wonderful result!!

New pictures of Nyura, Volya, Yourga and Birkhan

October 13-14
A double show in Dortmund, Germany this weekend.
I took Boya with me and she got Exc 1, CAC/CACIB/BOB/Bundessieger '07 on Saturday and she
was selected for the last 10 dogs for Best In Group (48 breeds) but no placement (only 3).
The next day she got Exc 1, CAC/BOB.
That gave her 3 points for her German championship (5 required) so she is half way there :-)

Sept 2, 2007
The annual national clubshow where we presented Boya, Zima and Darja.

Darja (Baby Class) received Very Promissing 1, Best Baby

Boya (Youth Class) got Exc 1, res CAC

Zima (Veteran Class) got Exc 1, CAC/BOB and was Clubwinner and 4th BIS at age 9,5!!!
Thanks Mithe and Ronald for keeping this Grand Old Lady in such a perfect condition!

If you are interested in more pictures of this day, go to

Sept 1, 2007
Ayna went to the show in Luxemburg and received Exc 1, CAC/CACIB/BOB and this made her Luxemburgs and
International Champion!!!

July 15
We welcome Darja Dushenka Adani Zari, she will live with Leo Bosman and is co-owned by me.
Darja comes from Czech, her parents are Beliy Veter Zlat x Anuschka Charisma Adani Zari.

July 7
Cloppenburg, Germany: Boya received her 3rd and last Youth CAC under judge E. Deutscher and she is now
German Youth Champion!

June 18
The CAC show in Almere where Boya obtained Exc 1, CAC and BOB gave her enough points for the title of
Youth Champion of the Netherlands!!!

June 8
At the European Dog show in Zagreb, Croatia, Braveheart Baykeri Belyj Boyar got Exc 1
and the title of European and Croatian Youth Champion!!
Sarisin's Korovnicha Ayna got Exc 3 in Champion Class.

Zagreb, June 7

May 26
Sarisin's Knyazhna Na Awosh went to the show in Arnhem and got CAC/CACIB and BOB.
That makes her CHAMPION of the Netherlands!
Congratulations to Nawosh and Marjan.
All the girls from the "K-litter" - Ayna, Suka and Nawosh - are champion now!!!!!!!


May 20
Boya and Sarisin's Verniy Droug Yourgey
went to the annual Young Dogs Day of our National Club.

Yourgey was first in his class
(here with his owner / handler Merlinde)
<< Yourgey was "Jerommeke", who was operated for the cyst on his kidney
when he was 7 weeks old, the little male that we worried about so much.
As you can see he is very much "alive and kicking", he is doing great and a special thanks for his owners
Brigitte, Eric, Myrthe, Merlinde and Tabbe are in place here. Thanks guys, for taking such good care of him!! >>

Boya was BEST IN SHOW!!
Judge was Mr. J. Wauben, who said Boya is a very typical female with strong legs,
a beautiful harsh coat and a medium long, big and very feminine head.

May 5
Sarisin's Volya Vostrushka and Sarisin's Veliky Birkhan went to the
Championnat de France in Montlucon and both received Exc 1 in Youth class!!
Birkhan was Best Junior and BOB.
Judge was Mr Kraemer (France).
His critique on Birkhan:
"11 months. Character magnifique, very masculine. Already a certain quiet force, perfect pigmentation,
very strong jaws, already deep chest, very good set of shoulder, already well developed muscles, exc line of back,
exc straight legs front and back, typical movement."

April 28
Boya went to the show in Oldenburg (Germany) and got Very Good 1, Youth CAC. Judge was Mr Schicker from Germany

April 18
Zhdan and Byelka are 5 years old today. Congratulations!!!!!!

April 15
Sarisin's Volya Vostrushka went to the Int. show in Limoges (France) and got Exc. 1 in Youth class.
Judge was Mr Dupas.

April 1
Sarisin's Kalisa Belaya Suka received BOB, CAC and CACIB in Luxembourg and is now
Congratulations to Sjaak and Yvonne!

Suka before.......

.... and after the show :-)

New pictures of our "puppies":

Volya in France

Birkhan in agility training with his owner Edith

Nyura in Norway


Zhdan was shaved because he had not been brushed in a long time. We were too busy rebuilding our
living room :-(. Even though I felt very sorry for him, he seems very
happy with it!

April 9
Boya went to Leeuwarden and received a Very Good 1 under judge Mr Schweizer from Switzerland who said
she was anatomically perfect in all aspects but because of her age, she got a VG......
Sarisin's Knyazhna Na Awosh got CAC, CACIB, BOB.


Boya's brother Basmatch visited us in March.
From left to right Basmatch, Michael (Basmatch's owner) and Boya.

March 4
Boya went to the show in Groningen and received Excellent 1, res CAC by Mr Sliwka from Poland
Sarisin's Knyazhna Na Awosh got CAC, CACIB, BOB.

February 25
Boya was at the show in Rheinberg (Germany) and got Excellent 1, CAC. Judge was Mrs Heikkinen from Finland

February 3
Boya went to the show in Eindhoven and got her first CAC. Judge was Mr Andras Korozs from Hungary.

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