Eighth week
June 29 - Juli 08

Suka in her puppytest, Juli 02

The pups had their puppy (behaviour) test this week.
Not much surprises in the test, just some things we already saw,
knew or suspected became more clearly visible now.
Based on the puppy test we decided that the grey puppy was going to the van Driel family;
Sjaak, Yvonne and their children Thijs, Chris and Petra.
Her name is now Sarisin´s Kalisa Belaya Suka.
The van Driel family took Suka home last Saturday and she is doing great.

The white puppy went to Marjan Bremer, she had a SRO before from our first litter in 1991.
The white puppy is now named Sarisin´s Knyazhna Na Awosh. She will be co-owned by me.
Nawosh went to her new home on Thursday.

The black puppy is still with us.
It was no surprise to us that the puptest showed she is a true SRO in behaviour.
So we called off the family that she was supposed to go to.
Although these people would have been great owners for an SRO,
they are not a good match with the black puppy.
The black pup is a "one person" or "one family" dog. Even now, at this age,
she does not like strangers and she feels best when she can be with her own family
of people and dogs, on her own territory.
She is staying with us and we will see how she develops in the near future.
Glenn nicknamed her "little cow" because of her spots :-), therefor her name will be
Sarisin´s Korovnicha Ayna.
Korovnicha means "milk-maid", and Ayna was her great-great grand mother of mothers side.
She will be called Ayna.

Even though we are 8 weeks old, we still like milk!

Me and my sister, Ayna and Suka

Iris, Gina and Nawosh

Youta and her grand daughter

A walk in the woods with mam

In the car



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